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Holiday Cheer or Holiday Fear?

21 Nov

A few themes came to light during my sustainable weight loss class this afternoon. Not a surprise, with the holidays fast upon us, the cheer that we all hope to find during this season is oftentimes veiled in fear….fear of gaining weight, fear of being with family members that we don’t get along with, fear of the stress that comes with holiday shopping and its impact on our wallets, time, and routine. I want to share the major takeaways from class today and comment on how we can set up our minds to navigate the challenges of the season with confidence.

1. There is food everywhere!! Yep. There certainly is. And it’s food that we could make all year long if it were really that important to us. People show their love and care for others by baking and giving food as gifts. And when we’re in the presence of copious amounts of food, we’re probably going to eat it! So set yourself up to not leaving the table so full that you can hear your heart beating between your eyes and barely able to take a full breathe. Make a short list of the foods that you REALLY enjoy and will partake in. Green bean casserole?! I’ve not heard a single person in my lifetime list french fried onions atop green beans swimming in cream of mushroom soup as one of their favorites!

2. Exercise more, knowing that you are going to be eating a little more (if this is the case). Get out, take walks, play with your kids. Take opportunities to be more active.

3. Ask yourself why you’re eating. Because it’s there? Because everyone else is? Now listen to YOUR body. Is it your mind telling you you want that food or is your stomach actually growling, telling you it’s time to eat. Recognize the differences between emotional and physiological hunger. The holidays can leave many of us feeling lonely and wanting connection. Food cannot provide it, and yet we will often eat to avoid that feeling. But remember, that food is only temporarily satisfying. On the back end of it the loneliness will still be there, compounded by guilt for eating what you know you didn’t really enjoy in a very present-focused, aware manner.



20 Nov

It’s all in your mind! Decide now to go into each situation with a positive mindset. You set yourself up to behave negatively, or in a stressed out, worried, or out of control manner by the way that you think.
Stay aware, present-focused, and grounded by monitoring your thoughts. Where are they taking you?


20 Nov

During a class I was teaching today, I was told that I must not have to work very hard to stay in such good shape.


How come people assume that when one is lean and healthy that it comes naturally?

When over half of the population is obese or overweight, would it not make sense that those who are at a normal weight might work pretty hard to maintain a healthy weight?

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