Is it cliché’ and juvenile or just fun and spontaneous that I proposed to my favorite lead singer of a band last night? I have proof on video. After I did it and was promptly but apologetically turned down with an explanation about some girl, New York, fiance…. he got on stage and announced to the crowd that he […]

Arrogance Control

It’s human nature…unless we’re consciously aware, we’ve carefully removed our blinders and slipped on our ultra-sheek x-ray vision glasses, and are prepared to sit down for the full viewing of how wrong we really are, we believe we’re right. Most of the time. It’s called confirmation bias. We’ll look for, search for, be more vigilant in noticing […]

Ooh ee oo ah ah, ching chang wala wala bing bang….

No one has ever accused me of being unemotional.  In fact, in my workplace, it’s me and two men, and when I first moved to Evansville to take this position as mental health guru (yes, I’m shamelessly self depracating) and wellness director, my apparently all-too-often-emotion-ridden sentiments created some deer-in-the-headlights reactions. Imagine Kori, welling up at […]