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15 Feb

Got a new phone yesterday– the HTC Inspire. Whew! What a departure from my Blackberry Bold 9700.

In a frenzied rush last night before teaching, I was on the phone with the AT&T rep who was helping me set it up.

I was impatiently trying to navigate the new interface, the settings, the wi-fi set up, the date/time…AHH!

I had to quit in the middle in order to take care of my class participants and couldn’t get back to it for a couple hours. At home, in between chopping veggies and shredding lettuce, I would go back, tap on the “home” button, and try something new and undiscovered. Again, I’d get interrupted by something….charred bell peppers this time….and my anxiety and sense of frustration would resurface.

I went back and forth between bites of my dinner learning the new typing, scrolling, and accessibility skills. At 10pm, when I realized if I didn’t go to bed I’d only get 5 hours of sleep, I found myself squirming around the couch like a spoiled child…muttering under my breath…asking myself why electronics had to be so freaking complicated…why it had to be so late….it was like a snowball turned into an avalanche rolling down the Bighorn Mountains!

STOP! That’s life! How often do we get interrupted, our attention being dragged in another direction than where we want it to be? It happens to me all the time. Last weekend my mom called when I was writing the summary of my final signature paper for my class. What was my immediate reaction? I felt ANNOYED! Like tight chest, give a whine, a sigh of exasperation, and say out loud, “I HAVE TO FREAKING GET THIS DONE!!” I didn’t have to answer the phone! But I did, and then I was back in junior high with my sarcastic, bugged, I-can’t-believe-you are-expecting-me-to-drop-everything-and-talk-to-you tone. How horrible! And I recognized it and actually said, after taking a big breath, “Mom, I’m sorry. I know I sound annoyed. I’m in the middle of my paper, and you  know how I get when I’m interrupted and I’m really focused on something…”

You know what she did? She laughed. She said, “Kor, it’s okay.” I could tell she was smiling. “I am the same way.”

Despite her acceptance, I couldn’t just leave it at that, I went a bit further and explained, “Thanks for understanding, Ma, but it’s not cool. It’s sick how because you’re my mom I feel like I can treat you like poop!”  We both started laughing pretty hard, and the tension was diffused.

I was inspired to write this post for a few reasons:

1. Every single day I am presented with opportunities to exert a tremendous amount of patience. It’s not and never has been a virtue of mine, but I can tell you it has improved! I can fight against everything vying for my time or learn to roll with it! What do you think sounds easier?

2. We regress into childlike, juvenile, old and ineffective behaviors when we’re tired, frustrated, anxious or not getting our way. It’s quite humorous how a woman in her 30’s could revert from an intelligent, career-minded, driven woman to a whiney, complaining, tantrum-ready 7 year old in two seconds! We can anticipate this and watch for signals to change our behavior!

3. My mom is a freaking rock star for putting up with me. Your parents and caregivers, family members, and friends are rock stars too. They don’t deserve the worst of us! I’ve been inspired to act toward my family and friends with the best of me. No matter what. You’re going to slip, like I did, but you can get back up. You can apologize. You can flop around in the water and ask them to throw you a life vest! They may not want to, but if they can see or hear that you’re being genuine, I bet they will!

PS: I love my new phone.


2 Responses to “Get Inspired!”

  1. Hadley Allen February 23, 2011 at 12:02 AM #

    How? how ? do you have time for however many clients and blogging.???
    You must sleep .2 hours a night .. Lady!!!
    Congrats love the blog

    • kpropst February 24, 2011 at 11:16 AM #

      Hi Hadley. Thanks for your comments! We create our reality! If our dreams are to be realized we must make the time for what is necessary to reach them. 🙂
      Glad you like the blog! Thank you for following!

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