Operation: Strategery

17 Feb

She said to me with tears colliding down her cheeks, “I know that there’s an issue, but I don’t know what to do with it!”

Tell me what the issue is.

She stared at me blankly. Silence.


Then a barrage of uncomfortable feelings, situations at work, problems with her weight, complications with children….

And the issue is………?

That seemed a logical place to start. In my mind.

How was I to reign this woman in…..this scattered, overwhelmed, sobbing, scared, vulnerable woman?

Thus began my initially covert OPERATION: STRATEGERY

She couldn’t see what my mind was doing….linking her present problems with the manner in which she dealt with past ones…watching for critical errors in thinking that were perpetuating her already very black and white thinking…formulating a game plan for where we would start and how we’d proceed. But she was filled in on these things throughout our session, and at the end, she was in command of the operation, setting forth the goals that would lead us through to what she had carefully and with much thought identified as how she would have it be if it were exactly as she wanted. In thoughts. In behaviors. In her relationships with others.

She examined what she’d change. Looking at how her life is presently, she laid out, in positive terms, what she would make different. Once that groundwork was established, we began developing a foundation and drawing up a blueprint for how to accomplish those things.

A goal is only as good as its action plan. Do not expect results without a strategy.

She left with a smile, feeling hopeful and empowered. “Thanks for helping me identify the steps we’ll take.”


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