27 Feb

Is it cliché’ and juvenile or just fun and spontaneous that I proposed to my favorite lead singer of a band last night? I have proof on video. After I did it and was promptly but apologetically turned down with an explanation about some girl, New York, fiance…. he got on stage and announced to the crowd that he had just received a marriage proposal…”Kori…are you out there?” he asked as he scanned the audience. Of course, like the best darn groupie ever, I was right there in front, waving! Someone from the back of the room yelled, “LAME!!” and my heart sunk. But only briefly, because Michael had remembered  my name! He’d remembered it! From only our brief conversation an hour before beginning his set!

After an incredible performance, his band left the stage, and Michael was once again stationed in the same place he was when I’d courageously walked up to him and introduced myself. An amazing lyricist and musician, there were so many things I wanted to say to him regarding his skill and the depth from which he sings, the words of his music pounding into the hearts of those who have overcome and are even  in the midst of trauma and hurt, pain and despair, rapture and confusion.  My goal wasn’t to make a good impression. I was aiming to express to him just how  much his music and talent touches me and how it gets me to think and feel. I wanted to convey to him how much his  music means and how appreciative I am that he shares it with others. I’d gotten some of that out upon our first meeting, following it up with the proposal for some humor (not really– I was completely serious), but I needed to thank him again and say goodbye. 

I did. After pushing my way past a line of people waiting to buy his albums, I thanked him again and I did what every good groupie does. I gave him my business card. I whispered a few things in his ear and let him know I’d like to stay in touch (I had to get close enough for him to hear me over the animated voices of the crowd) and talk to him about coming to Evansville.  Ever the humble performer, he thanked me and said it was nice to meet me again, and we parted ways. Later that evening as I made my way back to Evansville, I posted a status on my Facebook page about the concert. I got a comment about being a groupie.

Hmmm….I thought. A groupie?  I had always considered myself more of a leader than a follower, a trail blazer of sorts.  Wait! Can’t I be both, I thought?  Why would I reject something that others follow just because they’re following it…or him…especially when I believe in it…or him. At the same time, I can be a leader enough to say, “no thanks” or not subscribe to something that a  lot of others might be because I have gathered information, weighed the pros and cons, and am able to make an intelligent decision. Really, this goes for everyone. It’s not black and white. You don’t have to be a leader or a follower. How about you be a groupie! One who groups around what he/she has measured and calculated to be in his/her best interest and the interests of others under the circumstances. In this you’ve got a respect for your own meaning and opinions and principles, as well as those of others.

While at first I was just slightly put off by being called a “groupie”, I am now embracing the title. I’ll wear it proudly.  My best interests were front and center when I met my favorite lead singer, but so were his. He needs a female vocalist as part of his band to be even better….if he won’t marry me, perhaps he’ll include me in his next album.


One Response to “Be a GROUPIE!!”

  1. Jami February 27, 2011 at 4:55 PM #

    Oh Kori…..I was so excited when I saw the title to this blog, then got that stomach pang when I read you were slightly “put off” by my comment on f/b, then elated again when you said you’re embracing the comment……I’m happy your feelings ended that way because it certainly was said in jest.

    Let me explain a wee bit further. My entire workout room in my house is dedicated to Pearl Jam memorabilia, including my most prized PJ possession – an autographed tennis racquet that I won from being the best entry in one of their fan club contests…….And….the overflow of that memorabilia is covering the walls of my office. You see, this is one, probably the only area of my life, that I let my freak flag fly and couldn’t care less if people think it’s odd or inappropriate. I am 51.5 yrs old afterall, but have the rock and roll spirit of a 16yr old!

    You know me – you know how hung up I usually am about what others think of me, so I was thrilled to see that you had let your hair down enough to have fun at that show! For the person in the back that yelled out “lame?” – just jealous that you were up front and that you got a shout out from the lead singer of the band! Kudo’s to you!!!! And by the way Kori… have groupie’s yourself – as I am one of them! I hope you get that I say that with the most respect, but yet in a fun way…(not like a groupie in “Almost Famous” way)…..

    Rock on!

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