To Castigate is to Castrate!

8 Mar

If you’re engaging in castigation, it better lead to conflagration!!

No, this is not a vocabulary lesson or a test of mental gymnastics! Well, on second thought…

See definitions below.

Castigate: to put down, to criticize, to chastise

Castrate: you know what this means literally! In the psychological sense it means to render impotent, to remove of confidence, strength, or power!

Conflagrate: to combust, burst into flames, or catch fire

My point is this: we all, at some point, lambast ourselves over something we’ve done, something we’ve said,or an act that upon looking back we cannot believe we engaged in. We may say some incredibly mean and hurtful things to ourselves. “You idiot! What are you thinking?!” “What are you, a freaking moron?! Who says that?!” “Are you ever going to learn?” “You’re dumber than a rock. You might as well give up now.” These words may be the words you have heard from someone in your life or words you learned to chastise yourself with early on. No doubt, they typically do not lead anywhere good, leaving you deflated and empty. These words are castrating and demeaning. They are ridden with negativity and harshness, of despondency and lack of compassion. And they castrate your passion.

These words can be changed though. As entrenched as they may be, like caverns in your brain, they too can be eroded and turned into energy that burns much brighter, fires you up, and directs you toward something motivating. Your mind is power. You are the only one who controls it. It’s your  greatest asset.

If you are challenged with negative thoughts and engage in castigation, I encourage you to use it to move toward conflagration. Who enjoys hearing day after day a friend complain about the same thing? Who appreciates more and can support and motivate with greater ease and admiration the person who may complain  but dives into assessing the situation with gusto and fire and animation?!

Time to cut the cord between castigation and castration and tie  your ball and chain to conflagration!

Okay, bad joke.  😉 (But now you won’t forget!)


One Response to “To Castigate is to Castrate!”

  1. Mark March 8, 2011 at 10:01 PM #

    Very well put Kori, I remember my father calling himself a “dumb*ss.” I have not carried on that tradition, at least as explicitly.

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