15 Mar

Aren’t there enough gurus and coaches out there preaching about how best to set goals and live your life to the fullest, achieve your dreams, be your best, and create your most optimal life? Maybe not! We hear this stuff over and over and over again, but how many of us actually begin to implement it?  Maybe  if we hear it more we might adopt some of the behaviors that effectively get us that much closer to fulfilling what we want most to accomplish. Or even better, maybe we’ll hear something that actually makes sense and gets to the heart of what goals are all about!

We might come away from an article thinking, “Wow! That’s so awesome! I’m going to start doing that right away!” or “Look at what that person accomplished! Donald Miller’s “a million miles and a thousand years” really does have some merit!”

But what comes after that? Writing down your goals may not be enough. Sure, it gets it out in front of you. But there’s more to a goal than just words on paper. It has to mean something.  It has to have fire beneath it. And it has to give you something to move on.  I’m going to be your guru for now and make some suggestions that you can consider incorporating into your goal-setting arsenal. You’ve undoubtedly heard some of this, but there might be a new morsel that you haven’t considered.

1. Identify your goal: what do you want to accomplish? Do you want to have a baby? Eat more fruits and vegetables? Lower your cholesterol? Start a business? You must state this in a way that gives you direction.  “I will not chew on my nails” isn’t  necessarily positive and doesn’t give you an action to take.  Write your goal without using NOT. What WILL you do?

2. Identify what you will get out of achieving this goal.  How will you feel when you accomplish it? When you have a baby will you finally feel like you get to nurture something/someone? Are you looking for autonomy and financial freedom by starting a business?

3. Identify the pros AND cons to the goal you have set.  Many people don’t realize that the goal they have set may not be exactly what they want, but it’s what they deem, at the time, will solve another problem.  Having a baby, for example, can mean no sleep, a lot of additional expenses, and less freedom. If these things are values of yours, having a baby may not be what you want to move toward.  If having a baby means being able to nurture someone and be a caretaker, and those are important to you, there are other things out there like being a Big Brother or Big Sister or taking a missions trip that might fulfill that same desire for you.

4. Identify the adjectives (describing words) that you are desiring. This is an important step and can give you more clarity about your values and the reasons you do what you do. Think in terms of appearance, conduct, and feeling. For example, perhaps you value beauty or glamor; maybe you want to feel inspired and excited more. Could be that you want creative, stable, secure or the ability to be helpful

5. Now rewrite your goal.

The statement you make may not have to be huge.  Unless huge is what you desire!


One Response to “MAKE A STATEMENT!!”

  1. Jami March 15, 2011 at 12:32 PM #

    You always challenge me to think hard about things, Kori!! But I love it, I really do! I need to get back to you on this one because it definitely requires some more thought! No pun intended!

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