You are in my thoughts and oysters…

1 May

Driving home just yesterday from what was an unusually  pleasant morning of grocery shopping, I listened to the DJ on the radio as he shared an experience some friends of his had recently been through.

He was concerned for their welfare and they’d obviously gone through a transition in their lives which left them feeling disjointed and a bit out of control.  Feeling desperate to express his love for them,  he sent a text message. In it he wrote, “you are in my thoughts and prayers”, and sent it.

Not but a few minutes later he received a reply…nothing but a “?”. Perplexed, he scrolled up to view his original message, and it said, “YOU ARE IN MY THOUGHTS AND OYSTERS.”

Had anyone  been sitting next to me at a stop light, they’d have heard a snorty, bellowing laugh come out of me. The DJ explained that his phone had done the quick little word correction without his noticing!

I’m sure we can all relate!  Think about it though– how often does this happen in life! Quick little things happen that appear to be off the radar….things don’t go as planned…

Something serious had happened and this guy was attempting to respond seriously only to have his message convey anything but!

Not often enough do we share in the delight of the mundane silliness of life.  There is humor everywhere. Enjoying laughter does not mean at all that we are shirking off the serious issues of our lives or those of others. It means we are able to find value and beauty in the simple things. We can turn oysters into diamonds!

When you start to feel as if there’s just too much getting  you down, remember that you are in my thoughts and oysters.


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