Snooze Button

24 May

I just got done with a high-intensity-interval-cardio-functional-mayhem-insane-crazy-butt-kicking-I-thought-I-might-die workout.

I know this is how my fitness class participants feel when they are done with what I put them through. 

In each class I get to witness someone moving past limits.  The brick walls they’d constructed before– gone. Smashed.

I got up this morning feeling heavy and sluggish. Sandpaper in my eyes.  I could have gone back to sleep.

I could have sat down for a leisurely, low intensity ride on the recumbent bike too.

But not a day in my life has gone by that I’ve pushed the snooze button. And I wasn’t about to languish in the slogging quick sand that could have sucked me under.

Many of you have asked me if I struggle….

“Do you ever fall apart, Kori?”

“Are there times when you’re just not at your best and can’t give 100%?!”

Of course I struggle! I’m human!

We’re not infallible. We falter, trip, bite the dust, crack our teeth, speak words that we can’t believe escaped our lips….

But while I’m not infallible, I choose not to be ignorant also. 

I may get sucked into the muck, but believe me when I say I’m scrambling to get out of it, knowing it’s the way I respond to the muck that will determine who I am, what I do, who I can be,  how I can be, when I’ll feel motivated, where I’m going, and why I am.

Those “I can’ts”, “I hopes”, “I’ve never”, “I’ve always”, “I shoulds”, “I’ll trys”….be honest with yourself. Are they going to propel you forward toward a place of fortitude, richness, substance, growth, and belief?

Time to move out of wishing and hoping you could be a different way into believing and acting like you are that way.

I got up, I threw on my training clothes, I had a quick meal, I brushed my teeth, and I looked in the mirror, saw my red eyes and said, “Get ready for a butt-kicker, Propst. Time to kick it into high gear.”

Your choice. You going to hit the snooze button of life?


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