Every woman has the exact love life she wants…..right?

I came upon a blog the other day called “Chronically Single Girl” when I googled “Every woman has the exact love life she wants.” A movie I had on in the background while working this weekend–some hopeless romantic comedy– sucked me in. I love quotes, and being me– the single, less-than-excited-about-making-a-big-effort-to-find-“the one” –girl that I […]

Change your Brain to Change your Body

I’m proud to live in the city deemed the fattest in America. What a difference I can make when the majority of individuals whom I meet are unhealthy, fat, and saddled with habits that have them knocking on death’s door!   On the other hand, while opportunity is ripe to extol the virtues of healthier […]

Alone or Lonely?

Thanksgiving gave me a reason to stop and take stock. I was with my best friends. We played games, we laughed, we ate, we got silly. I was fully present. I wasn’t two hours ahead or 2 years past. I was right there, in the moment. Thankful does not even touch the expanse of gratitude […]

Pause….for a change

Ever reacted to something and wonder what the heck just happened. Like an out of  body experience, suddenly you were behaving in a manner that looking back brings a sense of guilt, maybe shame, and even awe? I’m one of the least patient people  you will meet. Well, maybe my lack of patience isn’t that […]

Commit or Quit

Arriving home from the World Championships, I had a multitude of thoughts swimming around in my head. What now? What were the judges thinking? This isn’t how I imagined it going. Second place? Why not first? What could I have done differently? Did we make the right decisions during prep to come in for a […]

What if fear was just a feeling?

What if fear was “just a feeling”? What if anxiety, worry, and overwhelmed were just experiences in your body? What if anger were a tight chest and shallow breathing? It turns out that they are. Yet, we have created categories and  labels for our thoughts and emotions. We do this to make sense of them […]