What if fear was just a feeling?

1 Nov

What if fear was “just a feeling”?

What if anxiety, worry, and overwhelmed were just experiences in your body?

What if anger were a tight chest and shallow breathing?

It turns out that they are.

Yet, we have created categories and  labels for our thoughts and emotions. We do this to make sense of them so we “know what they are.”

But these labels keep us in boxes. They thwart our energy and cause automatic reactions.  We only “know what they are” based on the values and meanings we’ve attached to them based on the experiences we’ve had. This means that they are biased and judgmental.

I work with many individuals who express incredible discontent regarding their emotional eating behavior.  “I know I eat when I’m not hungry,” they explain. “I eat when I’m  bored, anxious, or overwhelmed.”

Bored, anxious, and overwhelmed have negative connotations attached to them.  Does it not make sense then that the individual will find a way to disassociate from them?  To run? To distance? To avoid and forget? The incentive of food is that for a brief moment, those feelings fade to the background.  Eating is the focus. The food steals the senses — taste, texture, smell, sound become consumed with the food. But when the eating is over, what remains? The boredom. The anxiety. The overwhelmed.

What would happen, however, if bored were attached to positive?

What if anxious was synonymous with “giving me a signal to take note of what’s going on around me” ?

What if overwhelmed was “This is a cue that my body is giving me to be a bit more aware” ?

Would we be so inclined to push against or away from our experience?

Our minds create the biggest barriers to knowing and paying attention within the various circumstances of our lives. Do you realize what you have missed by perceiving what is not even there to begin with?

Try observing for a day– viewing your thoughts as just thoughts and your emotions as just emotions. No attachments. No judgments.


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