Commit or Quit

22 Nov

Arriving home from the World Championships, I had a multitude of thoughts swimming around in my head.

What now? What were the judges thinking? This isn’t how I imagined it going. Second place? Why not first?
What could I have done differently? Did we make the right decisions during prep to come in for a bit more size versus leaner and smaller?

Many of you who read my blog are not natural bodybuilding competitors, but the gist of what I am about to say applies to you nonetheless.

I started my prep for the World competition in April of this year. In 2009 after having placed Runner Up at the same show, I decided to take a year off and focus on other endeavors while training hard and focusing my sights on 2011.  The year flew by. The competition arrived. I had done everything I needed to do to come in at my all-time best. And I placed Runner Up. Again.

Questions. Confusion. Assessment.

Then a defining of new goals.

A week and a half has passed, and the same questions remain, however, no longer am I content just floundering around in the choppy waters of some unanswerable inquisitions. I have had to reground myself in what I know, what gives me peace, what fuels me, and the activities that sustain my fire. Am I motivated to move forward? No. I’m committed to it.

If I were just  relying on motivation you’d have seen me come back from NY and head straight to my pantry, take a week or two off from the working out, and abandon what has been important to me for over 20  years. I don’ t exercise because I’m motivated. I won’t plan my next competition because I’m motivated. I won’t choose to leave the cheese off of my pizza because I’m motivated. I do these things because I’m committed to being healthy, feeling energized, and enjoying movement, achievement, and challenge!

You might be that person who has thoughts of quitting or giving up. You might ask yourself if you can do it. You might get frustrated and wonder if something is worth it. Listen to this stuff — it’s important. But don’t act on it right away. Assess it for it’s value. Does it represent the best of you? Is it in line with who you are, who you want to be, and what you desire?

My new mantra- Commit or Quit.

If you’re going to do something, go in with every intention of doing it well. The outcome may not be ideal, but you will know that the process was engaged in with the utmost intensity.


One Response to “Commit or Quit”

  1. Donloree November 25, 2011 at 7:51 AM #

    Yup, knowing you didn’t leave anything on the table or give it everything is one of the biggest rewards out there. It may not be the reward that you WANT al the time, but it is pretty great. Like you always said, you have to experience it ALL in order to enjoy the successes that come along with the losses.
    Hit it hard lady!

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