28 Nov

So urgent! Emergency!

Is it Foreigner who graced us with this song? It’s what I want to cue every time I see someone eating frantically, food flying, crumbs spewing like the powder from a jackhammer busting through cement.
What the heck is this about? There is no tasting the food, enjoying its richness, texture, or even its aroma when you eat with urgency.

I hear often “I feel out of control around food.” Eating for someone who expresses this has become compulsive. Thoughts of food become stuck. Rumination ensues. “I want it. I need it. I have to have it. The fudge in the frig is calling my name. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Often this type of behavior has come from previous experiences of deprivation and dieting with stringent food rules. Once you tell yourself you can’t have something, guess what the first thing is that you start wanting? What happens if you give yourself the choice to take it or leave it?
Try it- see what happens.

The sense of urgency to eat falls off the table when black and white thinking turns to compassionate decision-making and when flexibility trumps rigidity.

Ever given yourself the time before you actually open the frig or dive into the pantry to sit down, breathe deeply, and question what it is you really need in that moment?
If you did, you’d find it’s usually not food.

More urgent than anything is our need to pay attention to ourselves and our needs, our choices, and our level of awareness. Are you aware of your awareness?

Hmm…what would be a good song to represent mindful eating? Let’s hear it! Post your ideas!


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