Set your 2012 goals with Defensive Pessimism!

Yep, you read that correctly! I’m telling you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and be a pessimist! If you’re like the millions of people getting geared up for a New Year’s celebration that includes a setting of new, inspiring, and perhaps self-improvement related goals, there are some things you’ll want to know before […]

The Power Position

How often do you make a decision, react or respond a certain way, ask a question, or choose a mode of action based on what you think others are thinking? What about your level of generosity? Ever considered what impacts when and how much you will “give”? Scientists have uncovered and studied extensively what is […]

Oh the things I’d know if I were a long distance runner….

I had so many things on my mind at 2am this morning I had to get up. Rather than lying in bed wishing I could go back to sleep, I put on a pot of coffee, had a bite to eat (stomach was rumbling– actually, that may have been the reason I awoke so early), […]

Use your most important muscle- your brain

Something to think about the next time you justify a decision that isn’t in line with your goals… A client of mine stated, “I get tired of cooking.” He explained “the slip” he had that caused a two lb weight gain. The gain wasn’t fat weight. He stored carbs because he ate more than he […]

The tweets of life are missed when we constantly push toward doing.

My revelation for today: Miracles arrive daily, even by the minute. But we’re often…okay I’ll speak for myself…I’M often not conscious enough to notice them. In favor of efficient action, doing, and accomplishing, I pay less attention to my feelings. These are my signals….the tweets of life….that I miss when I’m constantly working to cross […]


It’s okay to be discerning and want the best for yourself. We need that personal accountability. You develop self-efficacy (the belief that you have a measure of control over your circumstances) when you achieve the goals you set for yourself and prove you’re capable. Operating with black and white labels, however, automatically sets you up […]

Tap to the beat of your type!

We all have a certain personality type that we can identify with. Not mutually exclusive, of course, it defines how we think, feel, and act. Each of us, based on this and what we learned as we matured, gravitate toward various values. We organize things in unique ways based on our worldviews, and we’re limited […]