Tap to the beat of your type!

1 Dec

We all have a certain personality type that we can identify with.

Not mutually exclusive, of course, it defines how we think, feel, and act.

Each of us, based on this and what we learned as we matured, gravitate toward various values.

We organize things in unique ways based on our worldviews, and we’re limited in a distinct manner based on our motivations, desires, and how we see our role in the world.

Our type gives us strengths, but it also sets up barriers for actualizing our potential.

Rather than viewing your type as limiting and cumbersome, think of it as a fantastic way of getting to know yourself better and a fun method of developing self-awareness. The process of self-discovery can be enlightening and entertaining.  This could be a good lesson in learning to laugh at yourself, become vulnerable, and seek to forgive yourself for the foibles you make on a daily basis. I kinda love being human, despite how difficult it can feel at times. When we can march to the beat of our own drum, and choreograph this march with a willingness to seek the best in ourselves and strive to discover what makes us tick, we become whole!

I want my life to be a toe-tapping, crazy carnival ride of a good time! I want to learn something new about myself every day. I want to have a revelation. I don’t want to be looking too far behind, way too far ahead, or miss what’s right in front of me. I don’t want to miss the beauty that’s emerging from YOUR type either!

So I’ll share what I’ve recognized of late…

My latest revelation: I acquired as I grew up the belief that we are accepted based on what we accomplish and that we are rewarded for what we do rather than for who we are.

My behavior and mode of operation as a result of this: Achieve! Work my hardest to be the best at what I set out to accomplish! Be driven, unencumbered by others, and forge ahead with the energy of 10 people!

My attention is focused on: How to be the best.

What I forget to pay attention to with this modus operandi: My feelings, fatigue, and my personal value outside of my achievements

What sets me back: impatience

Oh gosh, there’s more…so much more. This is just the tip of the tap!

This week I’m committing to tapping into me and I’ll be sharing a new revelation every time one pops up.

I want to know what you recognize too!

A good place to start would be in asking yourself 1). What are my values? (What is important to you? What do your behaviors indicate to you?)

Need a place to start?

Read through the following list of personal values and rate each value by its degree of importance to you.  Use the following number scale:

1 =  very important
2 =  somewhat important
3 =  not very important
4 =  not important at all

___Family relationships                         ___  Being available to my children

___   Family time                                       ___  Being available to my parents or relatives

___   Romantic relationships                    ___  Being available to others

___  Friendships                                        ___  Companionship

___  Helping others                                    ___  Honesty

___  Loyalty                                                 ___  Financial comfort

___  Self-improvement                              ___  Personal appearance

___  Respect                                              ___  Education and knowledge

___  Recognition                                        ___  Security

___  Sense of control                                 ___  Accomplishment

___  Achievement                                       ___  Adventure

___  Justice                                                 ___  Mental stimulation and challenge

___  Time alone                                          ___  Religion;  spiritual growth

___  Creativity                                             ___ Tolerant attitudes

___  Fame                                                   ___  Neatness;  orderliness

___  Physical challenge                             ___  Material possessions

___  Competitiveness                                ___ Hobbies

___  Leisure time                                        ___  Exercise

___  Peace of mind                                    ___ Health

___  Independence                                    ___ Ability to influence

___  Power                                                 ___ Flexibility

___  Self-esteem                                       ___ Happiness

___  Ethics                                                 ___ Group or team affiliation

___  Generosity                                         ___ Community involvement

___  Sports                                                ___ Aesthetics (beauty)

___  Music                                                 ___ Travel

___  Social status                                     ___ Financial status

___  Reputation                                        ___ Patriotism for the country

___  Wealth                                               ___ Truth

___  Pets                                                   ___ Volunteering

___  Peace                                                ___ Environmental protection

___  Fairness                                            ___ Sense of belonging

___  Excitement                                        ___ Nature

___  Cooperation                                     ___ Wildlife

___  Consideration of others                  ___  Music

___  Entertainment                                  ___ Art

___  Integrity                                             ___ Humility

___  Originality                                         ___ Innovation

___  Humor                                               ___ Personal expression

___  Comfortable surroundings             ___ Neighbors and neighborhood

My Personal Values

Now, list the personal values you rated a number one (#1).  Prioritize them if you can!

My most important personal values are:

1.   ___________________________________

2.   ___________________________________

3.   ___________________________________

4.   ___________________________________

5.   ___________________________________

6.   ___________________________________

7.   ___________________________________

8.   ___________________________________

9.   ___________________________________

10. ___________________________________

Post up. I want to hear what you tapped into! I say we go to Mamby Pamby land and use this to develop some self confidence!

Wait! Revelation #2! I’m a jackwagon! ;-P


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