Use your most important muscle- your brain

13 Dec

Something to think about the next time you justify a decision that isn’t in line with your goals…

A client of mine stated, “I get tired of cooking.”

He explained “the slip” he had that caused a two lb weight gain. The gain wasn’t fat weight. He stored carbs because he ate more than he could use immediately. But calling it a “slip” indicated to me that he wasn’t feeling emotionally right about it. I wanted to understand from his perspective what contributed to this slip, but my response went this route:

I understand. I get it.
I get tired of cleaning the cat box, but do I stop? No. It’s pretty important.

I get tired of going to the bathroom, but do I stop? No, that’s pretty important too. đŸ™‚

Not minimizing his feelings. The fact that he recognizes this is important too!

But we do things all the time  that we don’t necessarily want to b/c we recognize the value of doing so. We get to decide whether the consequences of not doing something outweigh the consequences of doing them.

For our health– and this includes food prep and planning– not doing it can mean more severe negative consequences.

Think before you act. Use your most important muscle- your brain.



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