Change your mind to change your brain to change your body….

The mind-body connection– It’s real. What we think creates feelings that are manifested in our bodies via hormones. Think happy, calming thoughts and your body will release dopamine, leading to feelings of calmness. Think negative, depressing or angry thoughts, and get ready to feel angry, negative, or depressed through the release of stress hormones. Yep, […]

Sometimes there is pain in the present…

I’ve had some amazingly eye-opening sessions with clients lately that it’s been difficult for me to concentrate on much else. What I learn through my interactions with these magnetic, creative individuals gets my brain firing in so many different directions that staying present does not come easy for me. This presence of mind, ironically, is […]

Up a creek without a paddle….

Too good to ignore, I wanted to share with you what a client of mine recently contacted me about regarding her lack of progress. The image she created for me with her “creek without a paddle” statements was vivid and gave me some useful tools from which to help draw her out and begin thinking […]

Are you leaving yourself behind?

You have a million things you want to do and do well. How do you decide what is worth pursuing and what isn’t? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with individuals who realize that the goal they’ve been striving to meet turns out not to be THEIR goal at all. They come […]

Busting Barriers! Myth #4: To burn the most fat do long-duration, lower intensity cardio.

If you’re like me, a good lower intensity, longer cardio session is just what you need sometimes to aid in recovery after a seriously intense training session. When I have trouble getting off the toilet from a leg workout I did 1-2 days prior, I know that a sprint session is not in my best […]

Busting Barriers: Myth #3- It’s more expensive to eat healthy!

BUSTED: Not quite. Go to any fast food restaurant and do an experiment. To feed a family of four, you’re likely getting a value meal or a few items each, right? A New York Times writer recently did some research of his own and found that such an order would amount to approximately $28. That’s […]

Imperfectly Perfect

I have clients all over the world. Each one interacts with me differently; has a unique sense of humor (or none at all); uses a myriad of terms to describe the same concept; smiles through their emailed words crookedly, with teeth, without, with crinkling eyes, and with bold and challenging “Are you getting what I’m […]

Busting Barriers! Myth #2: Only eat when you’re really hungry.

BUSTED: Skipping meals and waiting until you’re famished means you’re dipping into dangerous territory. Your blood sugar drops to levels which can lead to bingeing and mindless eating. Sure, you’ll take in less calories if you skip a meal or wait longer between, however, if you’re overeating because you got too hungry, it’s a wash! […]

Busting Barriers- Dispel the myths that can keep you tied to unhealthy fitness and diet practices!

How about 1 new myth each day this week to help guide you toward your healthy 2012 goals?   Myth 1: Exercise on an empty stomach. BUSTED! Does your vehicle run well when the gas tank is empty? Dumb question, I know. So why would we expect our bodies to function well without fuel? I […]

Want to Lose Weight? Get your Head on Straight? Get under Some Weight!

Need more reasons to put resistance training at the top of your 2012 list of goals? Personally, I want beauty, brawn, and just as important, brains, and lifting weights is a key ingredient in my recipe for success. You’ve heard of the myriad physical benefits of strength training: decreased risk of osteoporosis, increased insulin sensitivity […]