Busting Barriers- Dispel the myths that can keep you tied to unhealthy fitness and diet practices!

2 Jan

How about 1 new myth each day this week to help guide you toward your healthy 2012 goals?


Myth 1: Exercise on an empty stomach.

BUSTED! Does your vehicle run well when the gas tank is empty? Dumb question, I know. So why would we expect our bodies to function well without fuel? I think this myth came about because most people believe that exercising on an empty stomach will burn more fat. Well, your  body will preferentially burn fat when there are no carbs for it to use, however, research indicates that whether you eat a meal or not pre-workout, you’ll burn just about the same amount of fat.

What do I do?!: To avoid a horrible workout follow these tips:

Pre Resistance Training: If you’re strength training, fat burning isn’t your goal. Your pre-workout meal is your most important! Prioritize carbs at this meal. A good meal would be some oatmeal and a little whey protein powder.  After a night’s fast, your muscles are depleted of glycogen, so have a meal! It will allow you to work more intensely!

Pre Cardio: If training after you wake up, eat 10-15g  of rapidly digestible carbohydrates – such as a half banana or a rice cake beforehand.

Remember, it depends on whether you are aiming for weight loss or maintaining!



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