Imperfectly Perfect

4 Jan

I have clients all over the world.

Each one interacts with me differently; has a unique sense of humor (or none at all); uses a myriad of terms to describe the same concept; smiles through their emailed words crookedly, with teeth, without, with crinkling eyes, and with bold and challenging “Are you getting what I’m throwing at you, Propst?!”

Some clients I can be glaringly blunt with, while others prefer a softer approach. I can do both.


Some are transparent, awkwardly raw and vulnerable. Others are  guarded and require a bit of friendly massaging for them to trust me.

Entertainment is in constant supply, and I say that in the most respectful of ways. I love them no matter what.

Many of my clients are competitors who, do I dare say, exhibit some pretty obsessive compulsive behavior.  They will sometimes admit to me how this gets in the way of feeling balanced. Many feel a constant tug and push/pull between being what they perceive as “normal” and doing what they believe “needs” to be done to achieve their very lofty goals.

Perfectionism runs deep for many of my clients, turned friends, turned close comrades.  Black and white thinking runs rampant among them. Believing they need to be something different from who they are, double-checking their words to make sure people don’t get the wrong impression, fearing how others might perceive them. Ugh. Can you look at your own life and assess how much energy and effort you have put into censoring who you are because of the worry you have over not being perceived as perfect?!

Friends, we are not infallible! Let’s embrace it!

I was thinking today about the people I have in my life who I gravitate toward most often. You know who they are? They are the imperfect ones! They are the ones that fall short, make mistakes, say stupid things, cry over silly commercials, make dumb jokes and then laugh when no one else does, sings in the car when they are tone-deaf, sleeps in a bed that has sheets on it from when they were in middle school, and stumble and blunder and don’t apologize for it!

When I was flying back from seeing my Dad over the holiday, the stewardess (is there another name for this position now? Look, I’m worried about being politically correct!) forgot the words to the airline safety speech. She stopped after a couple of sentences and apologized to the passengers. “I’m so sorry! I need to start over again.” She began again, getting a bit further, but when she went to move her hands toward the area where the masks would drop, there was a long pause. She giggled and said, “Oh my gosh, I totally have to start over again. I’m so sorry!” With a smile, she started at the beginning.  This time she made it through, and after her “thank you”, the passengers clapped loudly, yelling “Encore!! Encore!!”

THIS is what I’m talking about.  I was, and so was the rest of the plane, drawn to her because she was real.  She was genuine. She wasn’t a robot!

She was imperfectly perfect!

Practice being who you are, friends.  That is beautiful.



5 Responses to “Imperfectly Perfect”

  1. Liz January 4, 2012 at 3:28 PM #

    Stewardesses have become flight attendants or air hosts/hostesses. I’ve been on few large flights with Pursers… but I’m usually in coach, so I’m lucky to even get beverage cart service.

  2. jamikotera January 4, 2012 at 8:31 PM #

    I LOVE this one Kori! I see myself in some of your descriptions and realize how you’ve chosen to deal with me when I’ve come to you with what I believe to be an impossible situation. You have typically been able to ask me one, short, simple question that floors me – brings me back down to earth and makes me realize my “errored thinking!” Thank you so much and please keep these coming! I forward them a LOT!

    • kpropst January 5, 2012 at 2:54 PM #

      Such a loaded word– “impossible.” It puts us right on the path to despair. I love your comments, Jami, because in each of them there is a real, true nugget of insight that you can use to stay more grounded (I like it when you’ve ‘come back down to earth’) and aware. 🙂

  3. Tami kight January 12, 2012 at 1:43 AM #

    I love all of your posts Kori, seems I can relate to all of them. You are awe- inspiring 🙂

    • kpropst January 12, 2012 at 9:58 AM #

      Tami! I’d love to hear how they impact you, how you relate to them! Post if you’re comfortable. 🙂

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