Busting Barriers: Myth #3- It’s more expensive to eat healthy!

5 Jan

BUSTED: Not quite. Go to any fast food restaurant and do an experiment. To feed a family of four, you’re likely getting a value meal or a few items each, right? A New York Times writer recently did some research of his own and found that such an order would amount to approximately $28. That’s a lot of money! Consider What it might cost to cook a chicken, some rice, and throw together a salad or veggies- more like $15.  Potatoes are cheap. Beans are cheap. The veggies or fruits that are in season are cheap!

I remember when I was in college and I’d go from store to store getting the cheapest items (in season fruits/veggies and oh my goodness “off-brand” cereals and canned goods). I spent less than $20 each time I’d go, and it would feed me for two weeks! Yes, things have changed since then, but I’d do a little experiment the next time you’re in the store. Tally up how much you’re eating in fast food AND how much you spend buying junk at the grocery store. Now, troll the store and actually look to see how much the rice, beans, potatoes, canned goods like tomatoes, vegetables and in season fruit/ veggies are!

Why do so many people think or at least complain that it’s so expensive to eat wisely?

1. Yes, it does take a little work and prep to cook. Does it have to be super complicated? Nope. A few ingredients and VOILA! Dinner is served!

2. We don’t plan well.

3. The Chopped Champion on the Food Network gives us the idea that cooking well needs to be super creative and that recipes need to have a 20-item ingredient list to be tasty. Not so.



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