Intro..Extro..Retro..who cares?

Introvert….extrovert…. Does it even matter?! The new book, The Introvert Advantage, speaks to the strengths that introverts possess. We’ve been given a bad rap over the years and labeled as shy, awkward, uncomfortable, and lacking the ability to be around people and have a conversation. Dr. Laney, the author of The Introvert Advantage, dispels many […]

From To Do to “Ta Da!!”

Sitting here with my lap top, my mind wanders to the various other tasks I’ve got on my agenda. I’ve constructed multiple lists- some I have on a note card in my purse, another I’ve drafted in the nifty electronic program called Evernote, and another I’ve nestled neatly away on the sticky notes of my […]


I was inspired today by a person whom I’m growing closer to. I suppose I could classify him as a friend at this point, although we have never met in person and have communicated only through email over the course of a few days.  A pen pal perhaps, he has shared with me his philosophy […]

Want a lesson in experiencing freedom? Watch your children!

Remember when… You didn’t project so far into the future as to talk yourself out of trying something new? You imagined the future and all you felt was a sense of excitement of what was to come? You laughed without a thought about what someone might think about your laugh? You asked “why?” and “how […]