Are You The YOU You Want to Be?

9 Mar

There will ALWAYS (yes, I’m speaking in black and white terms) be things that pop up, unexpectedly.
The way you navigate those is by learning how to be flexible and EXPECTING that life will always throw you curve balls. If you expect that you’ll always be able to do things exactly the same, all the time, you’ll always be disappointed. If you’re uncomfortable right now, because things aren’t as you necessarily want them to be, then you’re in the midst of change….or at least experiencing something outside of your norm.

Discomfort has to happen in order for change to occur. So decide what “improvement looks like” right now. What are you doing currently, and what do you want to do? What is your ideal? What’s the outcome you are wanting to aim for? Think about it. It won’t just magically happen. Perhaps you agree to one more cardio session per week for the next two weeks. Then you add one more. They may not be at the same time or in the same amounts, but that doesn’t mean you’re not meeting your goal!
You may have to define and redefine over and over again, what your expectations are.

Ever heard yourself say, “I don’t think I’ll ever have it all figured out” ? I hope you don’t ever have it all figured out! Who does ever have it 100% “figured out”? Isn’t that perfection? If you had everything figured out you’d never strive to learn again, grow, evolve, or gain new knowledge. That doesn’t sound like a very fun life! 🙂

What is difficult right now are those things you’ve never done before. What if you changed your perception from “this is terrible and difficult” to “what a great challenge this is for me! I’m being forced to live consciously and in a state of awareness that I’m unaccustomed to! What an opportunity to learn something new and become the me I want to be!” 🙂 See how different you feel. Say them both OUT LOUD.

So much of goal setting and striving to be a different person in health is about the games you play in your head.No one is without head games. No one. So many of us just don’t take the time and exhibit any effort toward assessment, analysis, and intentionality.

How are you choosing to focus? To think? To be? Are you a glass half empty person who wants to be more positive? You can be, but to be different you have to be different. Yes, you read that correctly. To be different you also have to feel different. Creating new ways of being requires new experiences in which you can create new memories so that now the new becomes the old and automatic. And then you look and search and learn about more new things to become the you you want to be!


2 Responses to “Are You The YOU You Want to Be?”

  1. Donloree March 10, 2012 at 9:31 AM #

    I am going to have it 100% figured out when I die, until then I am embracing the ‘ordered chaos’ that pervades my life. 🙂 I have found when I say things OUT LOUD it helps to snap me into focus and change my current direct to where I want to go. I have scared a few Starbucks baristas with my proclamations….!

    • kpropst March 10, 2012 at 9:44 AM #

      Ha! DL, saying it out loud makes it real, it brings us to attention, it catapults us back to reality! And apparently it brings the baristas back too! 🙂

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