The DownLow on the D-Lo: Her Life as a Magic Bullet

D-Lo recently underwent a renovation- a spiritual revival of sorts. Imagine your good friend, the navigation lady, in her helpful tone saying, “Recalculating..” D-Lo has been recalculating, though not consciously, for quite a while. Last month she was hit by a renovation revelation. She could see more clearly that what she had been working toward […]


Sometimes words are misleading. Why would I want to sabotage myself? Consciously. “Don’t do that, Kori.You’ve thrown everything you have…all your energy…so much effort…time…into accomplishing this goal. You should probably step on your own feet now, get in your own way, and make the journey a lot more difficult.” Yeah, I hear myself saying this […]

Interviewing Myself

I was told this morning “Kori, you’ve been on fire!” That comment was followed up with, “What’s going on for you?! Something’s happening!” In fact, something is. In fact, I can’t name it. In fact, all I can recognize at this point is that I’m pulsing. Buzzing. When I unplug the wire that inserts into […]

The Sit on Your Butt and Eat Doritos All Day Diet

Sweet! If you told me I could lose weight by doing absolutely nothing different…eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and sit on my soon-to-be-slim butt as in-ambulatory as I wanted to be, I’d shout, “SIGN. ME.UP!!” Nothing makes me happier than not having to put any effort into accomplishing something; getting things for free; […]

You and your kangaroo

Call me Kori Kangaroo. At the beginning of March  I introduced myself as such.  Sitting in a cozy circle of fitness fanatics as we kicked off Fantasy Camp 2012, I had to conjure up a word to precede my name that also begins with “K.” Don’t ask me where ‘kangaroo’ came from. The far recesses […]