You and your kangaroo

13 Apr

Call me Kori Kangaroo. At the beginning of March  I introduced myself as such.  Sitting in a cozy circle of fitness fanatics as we kicked off Fantasy Camp 2012, I had to conjure up a word to precede my name that also begins with “K.” Don’t ask me where ‘kangaroo’ came from. The far recesses of my brain perhaps,  under pressure to not sit there with 17 pairs of eyes boring holes of interest into me. Come to think of it, how come I didn’t just say Kickin’ Kori? I’m active, a mover, a shaker. KICKIN’!!  That would have been fitting enough. Instead I go to a strange-looking marsupial with a pouch, long and gangly legs, and a penchant toward vegetation. I suppose the latter characteristic is in line with Kori. I do eat buckets of vegetables.

Ironically, this week I’ve received a few emails from friends and clients that have reminded me of my Fantasy Camp handle, and I’m thinking it’s more fitting than I initially gave it credit for.

“You’ve got that sweet energy, all aces attitude, ” the email from my “gray” (refer to my previous blog post called Gray) friend stated. I had written him to reason my way through and apologize for my lack of communication over the last couple weeks–buried with school work, I had gone MIA. In the trenches with backed up papers due, a visit from my mom (which was much-needed and a great time), work, and competition prep activities. No excuses, just reasons. On top of that, the inner surfaces of my cheeks feel like a mangled, bloody carcass, and eating (something I love to do) has become quite treacherous. Thanks to my teeth moving again after having braces for over 5 years when I was younger, guess who has them again! That would be Kori Kangaroo, thank you. No excuses. No complaints. Just reasons. Heck, I’m fortunate I can afford braces and school!

But he said that, and then I got another email just last night in direct reference to my kangaroo status.  It read:

The funny thing is that at my lowest point, 2 days ago, I stood in the kitchen and said to my husband….

‘I know what Kori would tell me. She would say ‘you’re having a bad time. Let yourself feel the emotion, don’t try and medicate with food, and know that it will pass.’
 Nice. I think I have a pretty good kangaroo helper inside my head now. Just need to help her find a voice more often :)”
See, I think I was spot on when I created my kangaroo alias. That pouch…it’s my little, magical toolbox. I can reach in and pull out my hammer when I’ve got to knock some sense into a client who is clearly not thinking objectively. I’ve got a few different screw drivers to choose from. Sometimes my clients and I need a bit of tightening, while other situations may call for some looseness. I’ve got some less tangible objects stuffed away in my pouch too. That energy, the all-aces attitude– that’s just another way of describing my maniacally marsupial mindset! Bring it on, and if something gets in my way, I’ll just use my big, hoppy feet and powerful legs to move in another direction.  I’ve got some height as a kangaroo too. This serves me well. I’m practiced at looking ahead, anticipating the dangers that may be lurking, and foraging happily for my next herbivorous morsel. I’ve never seen a fat kangaroo either — I work hard to stay lean and fit.
I’ve determined that I’m a killer kangaroo!
But I want to share my kangaroo with YOU! You too can have all of those skills, the ability to self-regulate when you’re feeling not so great, to play any action forward and assess the terrain ahead to make the most appropriate choice, to choose veggies instead of a piece of fried chicken (kangaroos like things fresh)…
And you can also develop that winning attitude. Dedicate yourself to live with intention and mental toughness. Get aggressive when you need to– use those powerful wheels to kick and run and jump your way to success.
You can learn to be a better you…..and develop your inner kangaroo.

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