The Sit on Your Butt and Eat Doritos All Day Diet

18 Apr

Sweet! If you told me I could lose weight by doing absolutely nothing different…eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and sit on my soon-to-be-slim butt as in-ambulatory as I wanted to be, I’d shout, “SIGN. ME.UP!!”

Nothing makes me happier than not having to put any effort into accomplishing something; getting things for free; gratifying my immediate impulses; going through the motions; never sweating (oh my gosh, how I abhor sweating!); meeting goals without even having to set them (I’m awesome); and not having to think (I hate using my brain).

Sigh– I love my lazy life.

Answer this: How many people do you know who have lost weight? Give me a ballpark number. I’m sure it’s a ton.

Second question: How many people do you know who have lost weight and kept it off for a number of years? Again, a ballpark number.This answer a bit less?

Third question: How many people do you know who have lost weight and kept it off for a number of years and did it with the Sit on your Butt and Eat Doritos All Day diet?

In other words, name the individuals you know who changed absolutely NOTHING about the way they behaved and the way they thought in order to lose weight permanently.

I’m waiting….

Tell me when you’ve got an answer….

Ready yet?

You don’t even need to tell me. I already know. Ouch- I made you think, didn’t I?

It’s a sad state of affairs we’re in. We put a lot of effort into searching for that quick-fix, the magic pill, the “I really don’t want to have to work to get what I want” solution.

What if we put all that effort into actually becoming our best selves- the active, mentally resilient, self-controlled, happy, determined, physically strong, observers of our behaviors and minds?

What if we approached our circumstances as opportunities for growth and evolution of mind, body, and spirit?

What if we didn’t expect something out of nothing?

What if we didn’t subscribe to an injection and a 500 calorie a day diet that will, yes, net us weight loss, but result in us weighing even more than where we started in a year or two?  Or the “just follow this plan- eat this at this time in this amount and don’t deviate” diet? Or the “mail order meal” diet?

What if….oh my gosh, I can’t believe I am asking you to even fathom this…you had to grit your teeth a bit, dig in and be a little uncomfortable, learn, explore, grow, develop some commitment to something bigger than the little, insulated world you live in right now, and evolve into a person of integrity and autonomy, with a sense of mastery?

Re-read that sentence please. I know, it’s a long one. Pause if you need to. Take a few minutes to absorb it and process it.


The Sit on Your Butt & Eat Doritos All Day Diet is just a microcosm of what our society has become in so many areas of life. The fact that over 70% of the population is overweight or obese is no surprise, is it?

We don’t want to do the work.

When you introduce yourself to someone, do you honestly want to say, “Hi, I’m a lazy, want-everything-without-having-to-work-for-it, impulsive, self-centered, stagnant, blob” ?

Share your thoughts with me.  Sometimes….a lot of times….we have to reach, folks.


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