I once was lost…but now I’m found…

25 Apr

How many times in the last week have you heard yourself sigh with a feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed out, or overworked?

Feeling lost amidst a sea of responsibilities and tasks that you don’t want to do but feel compelled and obligated to complete, you walk around heavily, likely with a less than pleasant look on your face, sometimes willing yourself not to laugh even when something is funny. Heck, you have to commit to something. Might as well commit to  being miserable.

It’s astounding to me how many people I talk to daily who express confusion about not knowing what to do or feeling like they don’t know which way to turn. “I feel lost– I don’t  know what direction to take.”  It’s like we’re just a bunch of zombies meandering around the world aimlessly, going wherever, doing whatever, but having so much to do we don’t know where to start. If I just keep doing what I’m doing at some point I’ll collide with something or someone and there will be the answer. Um, not quite. Not in my world anyway.

That lostness is often due to indecision. An unwillingness to take a stand, make a choice, and then live with the consequences. Choices can feel difficult, yes. The moment we decide something, we’ve given up on something else. But if we decide to live in limbo and not decide, we can miss out on a great opportunity to move forward with something that is obviously important or we’d not be considering it in the first place!

Lost means that we can be found. And lost means that we’ve got some decisions to ponder. Lost means that yes, we have to think and weigh the consequences of our actions, positive or negative. And lost means that we might have to bear some discomfort. But lost is temporary. And once we’re found we’ll feel lost again.

It’s often when we’re not focused on the right now, the present, THIS moment and we’re looking ten miles ahead or two years back that we can start to feel lost and overwhelmed. Find yourself here, because that’s the only place you are. Right here is an easier place to make decisions. Grounded, centered, and sound.  In the now everything appears much clearer.

“I once was lost….but  now I’m found…was blind, but now, I see…..”


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