No Mo’ Plateaus!

My most recent article on self – control (the second in a two-part series found in the Diet Doc May newsletter generated a request for a blog on plateaus. Hmmm…that’s a very open-ended, broad topic. To the “Do you have anything on plateaus?” inquiry, I asked “Mental or physical?” I could hear the chuckle through […]

Get Real

When I wrote my “Interviewing Myself” post, settling over me was a dense, almost suffocating fog of creative yet anxious urgency. I was supposed to be doing something, being pushed to commit or move or finish something. Times like this inevitably lead me to intentionally exhale and search for a comfortable spot to rummage around […]

Get Out of the Meat Locker

My last blog was a rant about the poor state of affairs our society is in regarding personal responsibility. I got more comments on that blog than I have in a while. Perhaps it resonated with others. Perhaps I said something that others are afraid to? One comment was just a “Wow.” When I saw […]

Where has Personal Responsibility Gone?

Okay, I’m angry. I was on the treadmill this morning reading the NPR Health headlines, and every page had an article related to nutrition. Food deserts and the impact of low availability of and access to nutritious foods in low income neighborhoods the continuing rise in obesity (big surprise) and its influence on soaring health […]

What’s In Your Feed Bag?

My life revolves around food. I’m surrounded by it– figuratively and literally. Preparing for a competition, tracking is imperative. Planning of meals, anticipating the day ahead, identifying what needs to be prepped ahead of time and how much to set aside….all of these things are the normal daily occurrences of a competitor. As a nutrition […]