BOOYAH, BABY!!! I hit the “send” button emphatically, hovering on the edge of my chair in anticipation of the reply. My freshly created “Beast Mode Workout” program went out into cyberspace, soon to land with a “BOOM POW!!” in the email inbox of one of my super-star training clients.  I couldn’t wait for her to […]


When I graduated from my masters program I had no idea where I was headed. Not only did I learn how to be in the room with a suffering soul, I learned how to be in the room with two suffering souls. My client….and ME! Like most first-year counseling students, I was terrified of what […]

Ocean of Emotion

I’ve contemplated this blog too many times to count. Since arriving home from Barbados I’ve felt the need to write, even an obligation to write, and yet have not felt centered enough to do so. A friend and client of mine in an email said to me, “I think your clients are probably curious about […]