Is that Normal?

Normal. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “according with, constituting, or not deviating from a norm, rule, or principle.” Secondarily, “Occurring naturally and not because of disease, inoculation, or any experimental treatment.” And then a third definition, “characterized by balanced well-integrated functioning of the organism as a whole.” Of late, I’ve fielded quite a few “Am […]

My Top Ten Tools for Tempering Temptation

In my last post I agreed to share with you my strategies for maintaining an iron will for goal achievement. Many of you are dieting for health and fitness reasons or you may be gearing up for a competition.  Whether you’re doing so because it’s necessary to prevent illness or the exacerbation of a condition […]

Be.Here.NOW! Two EASY steps to taking control!

Temptation. Threats. Stress. No, they aren’t inherent. We create them! A donut is just a donut. Your boss’ scowl is just an upturned lip and furrowed brow. The pile of papers on your desk is just a pile. If you’re tempted you are thinking, “I really want that donut but I can’t have it.” If […]

The Mecca of Meta- Dive Deeper to Find Meaning!

I can sit here at my computer staring at the screen for hours pilfering what feels like every single little freaking brain cell to uncover what I can only hope sometimes will resonate with you, my gracious readers. What to write….what to write.  At times gouging my eyes out might be less painful than scrounging […]

4 Steps to Reversing the Brain’s Negativity Bias

“I can understand that memory must be selective, else it would choke on the glut of experience. What I cannot understand is why it selects what it does.” ~ Virginia Peterson Looking back over the last 10 years or so of my life, I can’t say I’ve come full circle. I wouldn’t want to.  A […]

Huh? Time out on the Toilet?

Tuesday evening I had the privilege of speaking to a spirited group of women at their annual meeting for the International Association of Administrative Professionals. When I arrived the wait staff was just serving them dinner and a prayer was being offered before they dug into their first course. I was directed toward the table […]