Motivation could be the buzzword of the century.  Serious. Who doesn’t hear it at least once a day? If you’re into fitness and health and you’ve got goals, you have likely thought long and hard about what is going to keep you motivated and moving toward the finish lines you’re racing toward. Not to throw […]

Stuff the Turkey—Not Yourself!

This blog went out recently in my newsletter, but I wanted to get it out to those of you who are not on that mailing list. (You can email me if you’d like to receive the newsletter each month — you’ll receive articles related to food/nutrition, mental edge and health tips and strategies, and recipes […]

P-A-I-N is a 4-Letter Word

Our Program Director wrote his first blog this week entitled Train with Pain. He describes his experience with exercising despite injuries, the value of modifying positions, and developing creative alternatives to facilitate continued work toward one’s desired goals. It’s an excellent article- you can reference it here—but it got me thinking along the lines of […]

What to say when you don’t know what to say….

I think we could avoid a lot of heartache, hurt feelings, defensiveness and conflict in our relationships if we were willing to forgive ourselves more often and decide that we don’t have to have the answers all the time. As much as I write about getting to know ourselves, developing our emotional intelligence, being able […]

Gain Control by Letting Go of Control- An Approach for Cravings

It’s not a huge surprise to me when the individuals I am working with who initially come in with struggles related to emotional eating, stress binges, and feeling out of control around food report having far less cravings, urges, and impulsive reactions around food after just a week or two of more structured, balanced eating. […]