3 Jun

It’s not our intuitive nature to do this. It is our tendency to move toward comfort. What if when we ask we receive an exceptional reply?

The “rest and digest” reptilian oriented state. Homeostasis. Equilibrium. You name it.

Chaos, on the other hand, and I speak in terms of cognitive, emotional dissonance, or put another way, incongruence or complexity, well, that’s another story.

A story. That you have the privilege of writing, if you so choose.

It embodies a questioning of the “facts.”

A discovery approach to your experiences.

A mindset that makes life your playground.

Hide and seek, without the hide. Seek and you shall find. “Looking in the mirror to see a bit clearer,” as the lyrics by Green Day say.

Can you be in your life like it’s a classroom, without the mindless repetition and regurgitation of the information, but one that has you engaging the information.

The ozone is depleting. Why? How are you contributing to this effect?

What good does “just knowing” do us?

Without asking questions and exploring “the truths”, we are the ones who deplete.

Candace Pert said that the brain is situated within the skull. It doesn’t move.

The mind, by contrast, reveals itself by way of the entire body.

Are you using your mind or your brain? Are you living as a whole person?



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