My Week-long Wanderlust: Day 3

15 Jul

Iyanla Vanzant wrote a compelling book which sits on a top shelf of my office bookcase, willing me to open it every time I walk by. I do. It’s called, “Yesterday I Cried.” In it she speaks candidly and authentically of the difficulties she has experienced that have shaped who she has become and how she has learned to use the hardships of her past to create the future of her dreams. I woke up this morning with the title floating across my mind. I don’t know why. I didn’t cry yesterday. Day 3 of my week-long wanderlust was exceptionally relaxing. Sitting here now, perusing what occurred for me yesterday, it’s interesting to acknowledge the lack of deep emotion that I felt. Anyone who knows me, knows well that I’m no stranger to tears and can emote at the drop of a hat. When I’m happy, I’ll cry. When I’m sad, I’ll cry. When I’m laughing, I’ll cry. When I hear the first few chords of a song that touches my core, I’ll cry. Not a wailing, intense, heaving cry– just slow, deep, thick tears. But it’s normal for  me to cry every day. And I haven’t cried once since I’ve been away. Something to ponder- it feels foreign.


I think we’ll head in that direction! Off to Vail Village!

Day 3 began with energy. Kristen and I wanted to get an early

start and be on the trail close to our condo before the sun rose over the mountain. At 6:30am we

were dressed in our running gear and took off to make our way up to Vail Village. We

ran about a mile before coming to the pedestrian bridge that crossed over the

highway to get to the area spattered with local boutiques, quaint restaurants, and

Steep grade ahead

Steep grade ahead

high end lodges and residences. We ran past the bridge another

mile, coming to the traffic circle that allowed us to make our way

to the end of the village and then walk through to see

where later we could attend the local farmers’ market.

Which way do we go?

Which way do we go?

In awe of the splendor of the architecture, we would stop after each block to

appreciate the grandness, color, and creativity that went into the buildings and how

they were situated amongst each other. Around every corner you’d find something

new. A little shop; a small diner with just 20 seats around a bar area (the local greasy spoon that

everyone raves about), which of course I had to check out the menu for; the Ski Museum; swanky restaurants; an ice skating

area; the local library. Everything was jam-packed into what seemed like less than a 1-mile stretch. You could walk in a circle and miss something!


Hmm…breakfast later?

Amidst the man-made luxury and convenience though, were20130714_070514 tranquil mountain streams — the water that tumbled over the rocks

sure to be bone-chillingly cold.

We made our way through the heart of the village, stopping to watch the

We could take a gondola to the top!

We could take a gondola to the top!

workers prep the gondolas for the busy day ahead.

Heading back to the condo, it was an easy jog back– downhill the entire way. We jogged right past and made our way back to the grocery for a few breakfast items. We’d no doubt be hungry upon arrival!

The Farmers Market was next on our agenda. Apparently one to rival all others, we were excited to see the offerings from local merchants. Walking back to Vail Village, it had warmed up quite a bit. The throngs of people confirmed just how popular this once-a-week event was, and had us grateful we were wearing less clothing that we’d had on 6 hours earlier! 20130714_122024

The aroma of BBQ, Asian cuisine, crepes with goat cheese and eggs, and scrumptiously prepared cupcakes and baked good frosted the air. I contemplated noshing on a huge turkey leg (I’ve always wanted to), but I decided to save room for the favorite ice cream shop of the town– Joe’s– that would likely be the evening adventure.

We made our way around the perimeter of the market, marveling at the fresh vegetables and the craftmanship at the art tents. We could have come back loaded down with a myriad of treasures, but it was the experience that was the  most fun.

The remainder of the day proved to be more low key. We rested a bit and decided to head back to Westside Cafe to see if their dinners were as good as breakfast. We were able to get a small table outside and dined on some clean, vibrant eats knowing that ice cream was near!20130714_16073120130714_162721

Back to Vail Village we went…and Joe’s proved to be as scrumptious as we anticipated!

We jokingly said we’d be back every night to try every flavor. With two of us, if we each got two scoops per night for the

remainder of our trip, we’d be able to taste test each one. Ice cream for every meal? I know a Joe who would choose to do just this.

Could we do ice cream for every meal? My Dark Chocolate S'mores didn't last long enough!

Could we do ice cream for every meal? My Dark Chocolate S’mores didn’t last long enough!

What would Day 4 hold? We didn’t know. Iyanla would be proud of our adventures though. We didn’t cry! But we walked and wandered and we relished the time we had to not operate on time. I think it was 8:30 when my head hit the pillow. I can’t be sure. Iyanla may have wept. I was tired, so I slept.


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