My Week-Long Wanderlust: Day 4

16 Jul

Today: A journey through pictures20130715_101821

10am: Ice cream (I told you!). Salted Caramel at Joe’s + a few additional samples.

So far chocolate s’mores rules the day!

We sat in the sun on a bench in the village and watched the town wake up.

10-12pm: in and out of the boutiques, talking a bit to the shop workers. Most I noticed were young

women in their 20’s, perhaps working their summer jobs. I wandered into stores and lusted after the absorbingly beautiful nature photos, most more vibrant than we’d encounter on our excursions.

We spoke with the gondola worker about some possible hikes for the following day and made our way to the Cinebistro.


One of only seven locations in the US, the Cinebistro is a dinner theater of sorts. Not the kind where you watch a play while dining, but an actual movie. You sit down in a movie theater chair with a pull-out tray table, and you can eat while watching the film. We decided to eat beforehand and then made our way in to see “The Heat.” And the heat was what they needed in that theater! I used my purse and the  napkin to cover my legs and threw on the long-sleeved shirt Kristen had purchased as her Vail souvenir. Coffee was ordered asap!

4pm: Arrive back at the condo for some work and another movie, aptly titled, “The Tourist.”

And the rest is history. Popcorn, my laptop, a light snack, then slumber.

Tomorrow we would conquer the Berrypicker!


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