My Week-long Wanderlust: Day 6 and 7 (half day)

18 Jul

Yesterday I was accosted by Einstein.  He asked me to sit on his lap for a photo.  I thought it harmless.  I was wrong. 


Day 6 was relatively relaxed. Coffee,  breakfast,  and skirting around Vail Village again to see the sights unseen.

Einstein wasn’t even kind enough to offer up a dollar for the lap dance, but we managed to scrape together enough change for an ice cream meal again.

Dinner at the condo and planning our final day that would begin with a run and a final visit to our “old haunt,” the Westside Cafe. Kristen was determined to try their Captain Crunch French Toast. She did more than try! I watched as she facilitated a syrup downpour and left just one bite on her plate. I can only wish I had this woman’s metabolism!


Captain crunch french Toast


While she downed her breakfast Kobiyashi style, I feigned a mindful meal while intently listening in on a one-sided conversation between lovers. My assessment I’ll keep to myself. Watching him turn the pages of his newspaper like he was shooting a machine gun was comical– the irritation palpable. I contemplated spilling my coffee across my crotch to distract him from the discomfort, but didnt want our new waiter to be put in an awkward situation. More than anything I was curious to know if the menu warnings were accurate. I was skeptical.

Now, lying on a blanket under the Aspens Im in a reflective mode.

Here it’s like an alternate reality. The push-pull so common in life…virtually absent. Expectations moot. I’m transported back to the amazing individuals I work with and hope they can see and accept that even in the moments we notice we’re trying excruciatingly hard to drive in a certain direction, lessons abound. Our lives aren’t linear. On the run up to the village this morning and then back down to breakfast, I stopped multiple times to wait for Kristen. I walked, I jogged, I sprinted, I lunged, and I even ran backwards.
Life doesn’t have to feel like work unless we want it to. Unless we decide we have something to prove. We can act and see what happens.
I should have spilled my coffee.


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