Stress is the story you’re writing!

11 Sep

It never ceases to amaze me how often I hear the words “I’m stressed” or “I can’t” or “I’ll be happy when…” or the piles of negative comments or unempowered language that we use to describe our circumstances and “lot in life.” We create our internal physiology just by how we view who and how we are. If you are stressing about your weight, your bodies, the number on the scale, you’ve embodied the little scientist standing in the lab concocting the just-right mixture of unhealthy body chemistry that leads to the problems you want so badly to move further away from. If you want to lighten up physically, you have to lighten up emotionally and mentally. The stories you are writing are antagonistic and harsh, and your bodies live these stories out. Time to re-read, revise, and revive your story.


Stress doesn’t happen to us folks….our thoughts happen and they create stress. But guess what– we control our thoughts!

The story you create will convince you of what and how to feel.  It goes in that order– event, thought, feeling, behavior.

“Five clients cancelled their appointments with me this week, Kori. I’m completely stressing about how to make ends meet this  month.  Then the quarterly tax bill rolled in and now I feel completely out of control. I can’t concentrate. My sessions with the clients who are showing up are suffering….I don’t know what to do!”

Event: clients cancelled

Thought: I’m can’t make ends meet this month

Feeling: Overwhelmed, anxious, out of control (STRESSED!)

Behavior: Catastrophizing, ruminating, and poor concentration and performance.

Not ideal.

Task #1: Identify the facts (evidence based)

Fact: 5 clients cancelled

Fact: tax bill was received

Task #2: Identify and dispute the distortions and irrational beliefs

Not fact:…

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