Appetite, Food Intake, Binge Eating, & Obesity

Over the last decade, obesity in the United States has risen at such a rapid rate it is now being called an epidemic. According to the 2003–2004 National Center for Health Statistics (2006), in 1980 obesity was approximating 15% of the American population (Mann, Tomiyama, Westling, Lew, Samuels, & Chatman, 2007).  Over the last 14 […]

Disordered Eating: Who is at Risk?

Eating disorders appear to know no boundaries and touch the lives of individuals of varying ages, of numerous ethnicities, of differing genders and heritages, of those within a range of socioeconomic positions, within many countries, and across significantly varied backgrounds and family histories (Palmer, 2000 and Thompson, 2004). Despite the wide presentation of those who […]