Face the Space…and Speak Your Truth

Victor Frankl said, “Between the stimulus and the response this is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” On my recent vacation I noticed the spaciousness that I felt- a sense of boundless energy unencumbered by the familiar minutiae of my […]

Chasing Color…

Our lives are ours to polish; to brighten in the ways that will illuminate our souls; to dive into head first with consciousness and appreciation; to paint with a creative palette of colors; and to write with twists, turns, and new experiences. Are you chasing color in your life? Desperately clinging to something or someone […]

You’re a human if you’re unveiling some crap. You don’t have to like it.

A significant misconception exists among many newbie mindfulness adopters. It may sound mystical and I think it frequently turns people off because of its perceived leanings toward Eastern religion, but mindfulness isn’t about becoming religious. Perhaps for some, that’s important, but what I find is it’s much more easily accepted when it’s looked at for […]

The colors are there– you just aren’t seeing them…

I’ve heard a lot over the last week, “I’ll try, Kori.” On the other end of the continuum I’ve heard, “I won’t _____________ (fill in the blank)” or “Every day I will _________________.” On one extreme are half-hearted attempts at changing a behavior (perhaps unconscious), and on the other are absolutes that just might fall […]

Tell Me If I’m Wrong…Because I Want to Be Right!!- Part 3

The concept of “flow” is a useful tool to describe how moving toward opportunities of dissonance (discomfort) as well as being among others whom we can trust to hold our tensions as we practice holding them ourselves, is necessary for developing a more complex self. The “absent” friend solidly reminded me of our necessary journey […]

Tell Me if I’m Wrong…Because I Want to be Right– Part 2

In my previous post I posed this question: In science, researchers seek out data than can disprove their hypotheses. Contradictory evidence shows them where their biases lie and signals how a new direction might need to be explored. They search for plausible rival explanations. Do you? Do you challenge your first thought and work at […]

Tell me if I’m wrong…because I want to be right!!

“Kori, help!” “I don’t know what to do!” “I’m having a tantrum…” “I’m undecided and I don’t like it.” “What is wrong with me that I feel this way?!” Words I hear daily because we are neurobiologically wired to gravitate toward familiarity….certainty. Sameness is attractive, even desirable. Match.com profits on its system of matching like-minded […]

If you’re a hot mess, mind your hot thoughts!

When I first heard the phrase “hot mess” I didn’t  know what to think. I experienced the same feeling I got when I sat in the theater watching the screen just prior to the  trailers running, when the voice said, “Do us all a solid…” and proceeded to ask the audience to silence their cell […]

I Am My Own Worst Enemy?…….BS!

Whoever came up with this quip clearly doesn’t understand how beating ourselves up is not only unhelpful and shaming, moves us further away from our goals, and demands a removal from what is  best in us, but also hasn’t paid enough attention to that inner enemy to recognize that it’s not our voice screaming at […]


Last week I was talking with some friends of mine and I relayed a recent experience in which I had to make a decision. “I do not like making decisions,” I said. When I thought more about it, I realized that it’s not that I don’t like making decisions. I’m actually pretty good at making […]