Are you confident?

Ask yourself: Am I confident? Got an answer? I anticipate a few different responses: “Hell yeah, baby! I’ve got it going on!” “Um, I guess. It kinda depends on the situation.” “I wish I was more confident. I struggle with having pretty low self-esteem.” Obviously the answers can vary tremendously, but I’d say that like […]

The colors are there– you just aren’t seeing them…

I’ve heard a lot over the last week, “I’ll try, Kori.” On the other end of the continuum I’ve heard, “I won’t _____________ (fill in the blank)” or “Every day I will _________________.” On one extreme are half-hearted attempts at changing a behavior (perhaps unconscious), and on the other are absolutes that just might fall […]

Don’t Kill the Messenger!

At the conclusion of my workshop earlier this week one of the participants expressed concern about the utility of a particular tool I’d recommended. I gave everyone 10 different tools to begin putting into practice that would set them on a course toward navigating the barriers we so often trip over and give permission (not […]

Can you trust your struggle?

I’ve been practicing more and more  “leaning in” to my anxiety. Using what I notice my body is conveying to me– the racing mind, lack of focus, tense shoulders, heavy sighs, and fidgitiness — as a signal to tune in to the feeling as opposed to galvanizing my energy to run away from it, I […]

The Secrets to Success Aren’t Secrets at All–Strive and You Will Thrive!

Yup. Here I go again. Doing a running pole vault onto my “you’ve gotta fail to prevail” soapbox. How can I not go there when research resoundingly and repeatedly supports the concept of goal striving for success. The individuals who “make it” have worked for it. Striving, by definition, is action oriented! It’s powerful and […]


Motivation could be the buzzword of the century.  Serious. Who doesn’t hear it at least once a day? If you’re into fitness and health and you’ve got goals, you have likely thought long and hard about what is going to keep you motivated and moving toward the finish lines you’re racing toward. Not to throw […]

Three C’s of Mental Toughness

Karen’s world crumbled when her professor said to her with skepticism, “You haven’t figured out what you want to do yet, have you?”  With a furtive glance, she bowed her head. Embarrassed to have demonstrated such a lack of conviction toward a specialization in her program, she replied, “I guess you’re right.” “You can do […]

Huh? Time out on the Toilet?

Tuesday evening I had the privilege of speaking to a spirited group of women at their annual meeting for the International Association of Administrative Professionals. When I arrived the wait staff was just serving them dinner and a prayer was being offered before they dug into their first course. I was directed toward the table […]

The DownLow on the D-Lo: Her Life as a Magic Bullet

D-Lo recently underwent a renovation- a spiritual revival of sorts. Imagine your good friend, the navigation lady, in her helpful tone saying, “Recalculating..” D-Lo has been recalculating, though not consciously, for quite a while. Last month she was hit by a renovation revelation. She could see more clearly that what she had been working toward […]

From To Do to “Ta Da!!”

Sitting here with my lap top, my mind wanders to the various other tasks I’ve got on my agenda. I’ve constructed multiple lists- some I have on a note card in my purse, another I’ve drafted in the nifty electronic program called Evernote, and another I’ve nestled neatly away on the sticky notes of my […]