Counseling & Mental Edge

Many of our behaviors leave us feeling confused and in a state of dissonance– the uncomfortable internal conflict we too often try to just avoid!

We aren’t moving toward the goals we set forth ….we actually find ourselves pushing in directions that lead us further and further from our dreams. We’ve all got old stuff– things we hang on to, whether they are thoughts or feelings, that drive us in a manner we may not even be aware of.  Those behaviors may have been effective and helped us get our needs met earlier in our lives, but if they are causing pain, they deserve another look.

My mental edge coaching and consulting services can teach you awareness skills to:

1. live a more congruent life and stop asking yourself “why do I do what I know I shouldn’t.”

2. approach your dreams with a growth mindset

3. live with a growth mindset that will always lead to success

4. stop being a slave to your thoughts and emotions

5. acquire commitment and understand the difference between this and motivation

6. view every setback as an opportunity for learning about yourself

7. plan for quick recovery from slips

8. use powerful negative emotions to fuel solution-focused action


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