Online Courses

Online courses give you the flexibility of learning on your own time!

Titles available in various formats include: 

The ABC’s of Motivation: Apply the Science of Success to Optimize Your Life!

We Eat How We Live: End Emotional Eating and Change Your Relationship with Food!

Distorted Thinking- Mistakes of the Mind

ABC’s of Behavior Change

Losing Weight Through the Holidays

Mental Toughness

Priming Your Mind for Permanent Success– Developing Critical Thinking Skills

Structured Flexibility

Wherever You Go, There You Are…So Why Are You Running From Yourself?

All the Facts are Friendly- Becoming Open to Experience

Top Five Lessons for Top-Shelf Living

Willpower Without White Knuckles

I Will, I Want, I Need!– What Makes a Goal Enduring?

Challenge Your Assumptions to Meet Your Challenges!

Courses offered are 30 min. or  60 min. in duration and are downloadable in MP3 format to listen to at your convenience.


Maintaining Your Mental Edge Post-Competition

Facilitated by Kori Propst, MS, LCMHC, LPC


*Address the common barriers to achieving balance post-show

*Develop a step-by –step plan for successfully navigating the risks associated with the post competition period including binge eating, excessive weight gain, depression, and physiological changes

*Identify specific mindset strategies for maintaining objectivity and decreasing impulsive, out-of-control behavior

Beyond Binge Eating

Facilitated by Kori Propst, MS, LCMHC, LPC


* Identify the signs and symptoms of binge eating and the medical, psychological, physical, and nutritional aspects of binging

*Assess the non-food related aspects of binge eating and develop a plan for managing the emotion and thinking that often leads to binge eating

*Understand the cycle that occurs with binge eating

*Create goals for practicing awareness for mitigating binge eating tendencies

*Identify specific mindset strategies for maintaining objectivity , decreasing impulsive, out-of-control behavior, increasing confidence, and relieving obsessiveness around food

What are clients saying?

I wanted to thank you for the telecourse.  It helped “snap” me out of a week long binge cycle.  What really stuck with me was:

1.  Low awareness
2.  Low emotional intelligence
3.  Low problem-solving skills
4.  Lack of behavioral flexibility

I remember feeling embarrassed when you talked about these and thinking that I hate to hear this about myself.  Then I realized, I am none of these.  While I may not be perfect in all four areas, I certainly have some skills and could pinpoint situations in my life where I have used each.  Then it hit me that I have a choice and it seemed so silly that I would have forgotten that.

Anyway, great course.  I really enjoyed it.  I love that I have it on my phone now and whenever I need a reminder, I just pop in my earphones and listen.

Mastering Your Mindset for Competition…and LIFE!

Facilitated by Kori Propst, MS, LCMHC, LPC


* Identify the aspects of flow and optimal experience  &  understand the mindset strategies utilized by those who describe being “in the zone”

*Assess the factors common among those who find enjoyment in the most mundane of activities!

* Discuss the concept of “rapid rebounding” from mistakes or failures

*Create a plan for achieving optimal control through recognition and mitigation of mental traps

*Identify specific mindset and behavioral strategies for achieving peak performance

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