Peak Mindset Training

Mastering a mindset of success means developing a new attitude! With movement toward a strength-based life initiative and work ethic, empowerment is possible!

We are guided by core beliefs and values that we may be unaware of. Unearthing them, examining them, filtering out what we decide is congruent with our goals and desires and planning for success with an awareness of mind, and a presence of body means achievements are forever within our reach.

Prioritizing resilience and flexibility of spirit and action allows for abounding energy, courage, commitment, and a curious approach to life….a growth approach.

Peak Mindset training focuses on the following:

1.       Revealing and deconstructing old patterns that may no longer be effective

2.       Identification of destructive thoughts and beliefs and developing powerful attitudes that produce drive, determination, strength, focus, concentration, and the ability to bounce back quickly

3.       Viewing challenges as opportunities and assessing each moment with a present-focus

4.       Developing an emotional vocabulary to enhance emotional intelligence including recognition, assessment, acknowledgement, and management

5.       Enhance presence of mind and body to increase cognitive and behavioral awareness and control.

6.       Developing purpose, intent, and self-discovery; becoming who you are

7.      Removing your blinders and revealing the authentic you- no masks, auras, or hiding.

8.      Improved relationships

9.      Effective communication skills

10.   Increased confidence and assertiveness

11.   Relaxation and stress management

12.   Problem-solving and relapse prevention training


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