The Mental Edge
I am available for private sessions conducted online via Zoom or by phone.
Sessions are 50-minutes and tailored to your specific goals.
Our work will focus heavily on the following areas:

a) emotional freedom: we must learn how to perceive and work with emotions as energy and signals and not something to be avoided
b) stress integration: the effect of stress is all about how we perceive it– if we view it as bad, it will have negative consequences, emotionally and physically; if we view it as positive and growth-enhancing, we can use it to fuel our goals and pursuits
c) mindfulness: practicing a responsive vs reactive approach to our thoughts, urges, emotions, and impulses
d) environmental engineering: understanding that structure is wise and good, and flexibility is something we get to decide. Flexible dieting, as I see it, has taken on a very negative and extreme spin  of “eat whatever you want, as long as it fits into your macros.” That’s not the case. What we eat has a direct impact on our moods, emotion, physiology and subsequent cravings, and will ultimately impact our motivation.
e) motivation and our 3 basic psychological needs that influence our vitality and enthusiasm
f) mind-body integration: our emotions manifest in our bodies; learning how to shift our attention to their sensations rather than what our minds are telling stories about moves us into a greater sense of integration and balance. 
g) habit and pattern recognition and re-sequencing: every action, thought, and emotion has the potential to become habitual; often we focus on breaking habits, and that’s important, however, creating positive habits aligned with our future selves and the values/strengths is often more effective long-term
h) character strengths employment: exploration and application of your strengths serves to enhance your overall well-being, life satisfaction, achievement toward your goals, connection within relationships, positive emotional experiences, and engagement in life.

Packages are offered for 5, 10, or 20 sessions.
Email me for pricing:

Nutrition and Weight Loss Consulting
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Contact me via email for questions and inquiries:

Or by phone: 812-431-2772

You may also visit to learn more and to peruse my database of articles relating to diet, nutrition, and various issues related to health psychology.

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