Tell Me if I’m Wrong…Because I Want to be Right– Part 2

In my previous post I posed this question: In science, researchers seek out data than can disprove their hypotheses. Contradictory evidence shows them where their biases lie and signals how a new direction might need to be explored. They search for plausible rival explanations. Do you? Do you challenge your first thought and work at […]

Tell me if I’m wrong…because I want to be right!!

“Kori, help!” “I don’t know what to do!” “I’m having a tantrum…” “I’m undecided and I don’t like it.” “What is wrong with me that I feel this way?!” Words I hear daily because we are neurobiologically wired to gravitate toward familiarity….certainty. Sameness is attractive, even desirable. profits on its system of matching like-minded […]