I was inspired today by a person whom I’m growing closer to. I suppose I could classify him as a friend at this point, although we have never met in person and have communicated only through email over the course of a few days.  A pen pal perhaps, he has shared with me his philosophy […]

Want a lesson in experiencing freedom? Watch your children!

Remember when… You didn’t project so far into the future as to talk yourself out of trying something new? You imagined the future and all you felt was a sense of excitement of what was to come? You laughed without a thought about what someone might think about your laugh? You asked “why?” and “how […]

A Gulp and some Spirit– You Ready?

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard, “But Kori, I know what to do” or “Kori, I really should know how to do this on my own” or “Kori, I have the information– I just can’t “do” it.” And to each of these comments, I usually nod, smile, and respond with a “Yep,” a […]

Think and you shall become…

Scientists used to believe that we were born as blank slates. As brand new babies we had nothing to guide us until we started creating meaning from our environments and forming neural connections from our surroundings and the people and models in our lives. We know far more about neuroscience now, and from conception, the […]

Sometimes there is pain in the present…

I’ve had some amazingly eye-opening sessions with clients lately that it’s been difficult for me to concentrate on much else. What I learn through my interactions with these magnetic, creative individuals gets my brain firing in so many different directions that staying present does not come easy for me. This presence of mind, ironically, is […]

Use your most important muscle- your brain

Something to think about the next time you justify a decision that isn’t in line with your goals… A client of mine stated, “I get tired of cooking.” He explained “the slip” he had that caused a two lb weight gain. The gain wasn’t fat weight. He stored carbs because he ate more than he […]

Alone or Lonely?

Thanksgiving gave me a reason to stop and take stock. I was with my best friends. We played games, we laughed, we ate, we got silly. I was fully present. I wasn’t two hours ahead or 2 years past. I was right there, in the moment. Thankful does not even touch the expanse of gratitude […]

Fueled or Ruled by Food?

Discover the Role of Food in Your Life and Avoid the Emotional Eating Cycle Emotions play a significant role in our food choices. Think about how often you would go to grandma’s house, and your favorite snack would be waiting for you. Food was associated with love! I recall visiting my grandparents and always making […]

Finding your Fineprint

When I bought my house I was terrified I would miss something crucial in all of the paperwork I was signing. The title company guys, the lawyer, and my realtor were ready to shoot me as I read through every line, meticulously extricating anything I did not understand, and carefully asking questions.  Eyes rolled, frustrated sighs […]