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How’s Your Metabolism?

29 Aug

This past Tuesday, Dr. Joe gave a workshop on metabolic positioning. The goal was to explain how we can set ourselves up in a healthy, physiologically sound, science-based way for maximum fat loss. He explained to our viewers and attendees how the body utilizes carbohydrates and described the 3-stage process of energy usage for sustaining the most optimal metabolic position. The concepts he covered are largely misunderstood. The on-again, off-again nature of diets has people losing and gaining “the same 2 or 3 lbs” every week and banging their heads up against the wall wondering what’s wrong with them that they can’t lose weight.

However, once an individual understands and has applied this knowledge, the body kicks into a metabolic firepower mode. It’s no longer a mystery. “OH! Now I get it!” we’ll hear. “So when I overeat I’m storing energy that my body has to  use before it will go back to burning fat again.” Yep. Great, we’ve got that down.

What happens though when this person–who admits to being an emotional eater, to really struggling with food and acknowledges that he uses food under any circumstance that stirs up uncomfortable emotion, whether it be anxiety, boredom, discouragement, anger–has no concept of his emotional metabolism and how IT can be optimally positioned?

Studies show that at the top of the list among individuals who are obese, who have weight issues and struggle with their food relationships, who have dieted over and over and over again, or who have disordered eating lack one crucial skill– the ability to metabolize their emotions. Call it what you like- emotional eating, stress eating, using food to soothe, disordered eating, binge eating. Food is not being used to nourish. No, it’s a mechanism used to numb, forget, disembody, check out, and step out of life.

Emotional metabolism involves learning about how to change your relationship with food and your understanding of its effect on your body, but more importantly, learning how to change your relationship with yourself.

In so much of my work with clients who have lost significant amounts of weight and have kept it off, the overwhelming sentiment that differentiates them from those who continue losing and gaining is the internal shift they experienced and practiced. They learned how to view their bodies in a new way, to create a home within them, and choosing to live instead of die. They chose life. With all the emotions, hurt, ups and down and all-arounds that come with it, they chose experience. They chose to respond versus react. They chose to explore rather than ignore. They chose to ask rather than attack.

In my own personal journey the turning point was a question about life: “You know you’re killing yourself, Kori?” The walk back to my dorm from Student Health is as vivid as if it occurred yesterday-  my feet felt like cement blocks, the vice around my lungs threatened to squeeze them through my throat, and I choked on my tears. It was in that moment that I chose life.

And now I choose to step up instead of out. I choose to be curious instead of catastrophic. I choose to breathe into being me instead of belittling myself. You have the same choice to make–your metabolic position depends on it.

(Check out my series on Changing Your Relationship with Food as part of my podcast program. Parts 1 & 2 are available on our website).


My Week-long Wanderlust: Day 2

14 Jul

After 4 hours of sleep, Kristen and I arose with  dark circles. Grateful to be settled though, a unanimous decision came quickly to lay low for the day.

“No 7-hour hike today?” I questioned with a smile.

Staying in a condo with a full kitchen, our first priority was to get some food. We’d both brought some items to snack on, but not wanting to feel obligated to eat out for every meal, we needed to find a grocery store. We got ready to venture out knowing that there was a Safeway close by, and we figured we’d have a late breakfast at one of the local hot spots.  Both of us had done a bit of mapping out the area, and it was the Westside Cafe that was at the top of the list.

We decided to walk the 1.5 miles to the small shopping center, enjoy the view and get a bit of exercise. Vail-Morning Walk to Breakfast 7.13.13and at 9:30am we arrived ready to gobble down the our first meal. The Westside Cafe’s specialty: Captain Crunch French Toast. As I passed by the other tables I was eying the pancakes and the fluffy omelets. Breakfast being my favorite meal, I was eager to peruse the menu. The couple seated next to us had each polished off a huge stuffed burrito smothered in green chile, and he commented to the waitress, “I try the burritos at every place we stop, and this was by far the best I’ve had!” I smiled. He was trying to scrape every last drop of chile off his plate. “I’m waiting for you to lick your plate!” I said with a grin and a smile. They both chuckled. It’s something I would have done.

I ordered an egg white scramble with feta cheese, smoked salmon, onions, and tomatoes. It was served with a warm pita. I was as happy as a pig in a blanket! I wish I’d gotten a picture of Kristen’s fare. Eggs benedict with chorizo, served over what looked like breakfast quesadillas and a pound of hashbrowns. Buried in our respective meals, I looked up after 5 minutes, and she was watching me. Her plate was empty and I was a quarter of the way through my meal. “Impressive,” I said. “Nice work!” She sat back in satisfaction.

As I finished my meal the decision was made to hit the renowned farmers market the following day, cook dinner in, and just relax and watch some movies . We looked forward to an unplanned day of respite but knew we’d want to get some activity in soon.

Getting back around 11am we walked through the front door and were greeted with a wall of oppressive heat. We’d made the mistake of leaving the drapes open along the side of the condo absorbing every possible ray of sun, and there was an immediate dash to the bedroom to throw on shorts and tanks and move the box fans into the room. No air-conditioning. This would be a test of our resilience. Tomorrow we’d perhaps plan to be out the bulk of the day!

Timothy Green kept us company for a couple hours. Bradley Cooper entertained us for another couple. 20130713_194101And then it was time to introduce Kristen to spaghetti squash. Not having done much cooking herself, I was excited to show her something simple she could make on her own. I simmered up some chicken breast in mushroom and onion marinara with zucchini and baked up a squash. When I pulled it out of the oven, she looked at it quizzically and said, “What do you do with it?” I smiled as I demonstrated the scooping of the strands from the soft, outer skin.  “Easy,” I said, and I handed her a plate full of spaghetti marinara a la healthy style!

Our evening ended at 9pm with intentions of an early wake-up and a jog into the village for a bit of exploring. We fell asleep not desperate, but eager for the next day ahead!

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