Life Mastery Podcast

YouTube HeaderMany of our behaviors leave us feeling confused and in a state of internal tension. It spills out into our relationship, in our jobs, into our eating and health regimens. And what do we do? We try to avoid it.

We feel ourselves moving away from our goals.
We have the best of intentions, but the steps feel heavy, burdensome, and uninspired.

We’ve got old stuff– things we hang on to, whether they are thoughts or feelings, that drive our actions. Often, we’re not even aware of what they are or where they come from. the behaviors we engage in may have been effective and helped us get our needs met earlier in our lives, but now… not so much. And if they are causing pain, they deserve, in fact they will demand, our attention.

The Diet Doc Life Mastery podcast will help you start that journey of reflection so you can begin to:

1. live a more empowered life and stop asking yourself “why do I do what I know I shouldn’t.”

2. approach your goals with a growth mindset

3. stop being a slave to your thoughts and emotions

4. generate commitment and stop relying on motivation

5. view every setback as an opportunity for learning about yourself

6. plan for quick recovery from mistakes

7. use powerful negative emotions to fuel wisdom-based action

8. stop self-sabotage, emotional eating, and mindless action

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