Snooze Button

I just got done with a high-intensity-interval-cardio-functional-mayhem-insane-crazy-butt-kicking-I-thought-I-might-die workout. I know this is how my fitness class participants feel when they are done with what I put them through.  In each class I get to witness someone moving past limits.  The brick walls they’d constructed before– gone. Smashed. I got up this morning feeling heavy and sluggish. Sandpaper […]

Running as far and as fast as you can…

Ever notice that it’s when you’re trying as hard as you can to push something away…a feeling, a situation, a task…that you experience the most suffering? Think about it. You’re in a relationship. You want to tell your partner something that’s been bothering you, but you’re scared of his/her reaction. So you put it off. […]