Finding your Fineprint

When I bought my house I was terrified I would miss something crucial in all of the paperwork I was signing. The title company guys, the lawyer, and my realtor were ready to shoot me as I read through every line, meticulously extricating anything I did not understand, and carefully asking questions.  Eyes rolled, frustrated sighs […]

Stress is the story you’re writing!

Stress doesn’t happen to us folks….our thoughts happen and they create stress. But guess what– we control our thoughts! The story you create will convince you of what and how to feel.  It goes in that order– event, thought, feeling, behavior. “Five clients cancelled their appointments with me this week, Kori. I’m completely stressing about […]

Mind Expansion

In reviewing some of the sessions I’d had with my mental edge clients this week, I noticed a common thread among them. I’ve seen a strong focus on magical thinking– what “might” happen– and these thoughts leading straight to negative assumptions and then fear, anxiety, and discomfort.  I’ve heard a lot of categorizing and labeling too. The labels are rarely kind or inspiring, and more often take […]

My Position Statement on Positive Attitudinal Positioning

Not a single day goes by when the words ‘attitudinal positioning’ don’t scroll across the marquee of my brain,  escape my lips, or become a practice I make a point to engage in regularly .  I created it, and I’d feel lost without it. In my nutrition consulting work I talk of metabolic positioning, The Diet Doc, Dr. Joe Klemczewski’s,  […]