Need a simple strategy to become more aware RIGHT NOW? If you struggle with road rage (I often find my ugliest self comes out on the road- what is up with people who pull out without looking?!); feeling like your brain is going to jump out of your skull with racing thoughts; never feeling like […]

Too Much of a Good Thing

We are fickle, fragile, frivolous beings. Yes, yes we are. We crave novelty, yet we fear change. We desire security, yet we’re unwilling to take risks to move toward it. We want intimacy, but we’d like to forget the vulnerability that goes along with it. Is it ever good enough? We’re always searching for what […]

Wanted: Happiness

A recent post of mine received a comment about happiness all the time not leading to happiness. After reading this I thought, “Hmmm…really? I’m not so sure about that.” Thank you, reader, for inspiring me to think and expand on that topic a bit! Happiness is a choice, yes, and while each of us is […]

Can you trust your struggle?

I’ve been practicing more and more  “leaning in” to my anxiety. Using what I notice my body is conveying to me– the racing mind, lack of focus, tense shoulders, heavy sighs, and fidgitiness — as a signal to tune in to the feeling as opposed to galvanizing my energy to run away from it, I […]

What belief are you clinging to?

When we suffer…when we feel we “just can’t get a break”…when we are uncomfortable and fearful and trying so hard to avoid uncertainty… maybe we need to ask “What belief am I clinging to?” We’re all so hell bent on being happy all the time. Sure, I’m a big proponent of being positive, of anticipating […]