I am SOMEBODY! And yet I’m nobody….

Before you email, rush in to save me, and assume I must be experiencing a mid-30’s existential crisis (my birthday is in August and thankfully, I’ll only be 34), think first about your automatic need to reassure me, relieve me of the doubt it appears I’m feeling, and to halt the Kori Crazy-Talk. What’s that […]

Reflect & Move from Hapless to Happy

Like glass, a pristine  mountain lake can shimmer with unadulterated calmness. Toss a pebble into its silent surface, and the ripples radiate from the point of impact. The waves loom large where the water was disrupted but dissipate as the distance extends. The space between each swell grows until the lake achieves its smooth, velvet […]

Don’t Worry…..Be Happy! Really?

In 1988 Bobby McFerrin sang this feel-good, toe-tapping a capella song that rose to the top of the billboard charts and stayed there for two weeks. Not a surprise when it seems happiness is one area that most people claim to have a difficult time finding.  Happiness appears to be an enigma. What is it? […]